Upgraded Reporting 
for PostBase

MailOne 2.0 is advanced software for our PostBase postage meters. It greatly expands the machine’s operational, accounting, and reporting capabilities. Best of all, it gives PostBase customers access to USPS Commercial Base Pricing.

  • Compatible with FP PostBase postage meter.

  • Get USPS Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) discounts.

  • Process USPS confirmation services.

  • Print all-in-one 4×6 shipping labels.

  • Run comprehensive accounting and postage cost reports

RemoteOne comes standard with FP PostBase postage meters. Upgrade to ReportOne for enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • Compatible with FP PostBase postage meters

  • Manage users, departmental accounts, meter settings and operation

  • Run accounting and postage cost reports (ReportOne only)

MailCredit is a utility program that allows MyMail MAX, OptiMail 30, UltiMail and CentorMail postage meters to download postage via the internet.

Compatible Meters

  • MyMail MAX

  • OptiMail 30

  • UltiMail

  • CentorMail

Mailroom accounting is traditionally a difficult and tedious task that offers very limited information. MailOne allows unlimited Departmental Accounts, instant access to 30+ Accounting and Product Reports, and an easy view of detailed records on Dynamic Postage Spending.

  • Compatible with UltiMail and CentorMail mailing systems

  • Instantly accesses commercial based pricing

  • Unlimited departmental accounts

  • Comprehensive mailroom expense and activity reporting

Utility for downloading
postage to ANY of our postage meters
Compatible with
UltiMail & CentorMail
Mailing Software


Interested in a simple way to save money and increase productivity? Mailing Systems of Texas' mailroom software expands the efficiency and capabilities of your mailing processes, including postal accounting, reporting, rate shopping, and mail machine interfacing & control.

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