Beginning September 7, 2014, you may enjoy some welcome postage savings when you ship packages via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

The reduced rates apply to Priority Mail using Commercial Base Pricing (CBP). Rates for Retail(purchased at the Post Office) Priority Mail, on the other hand, are increasing an average 1.7 percent.

You can only get these rate reductions by using the CBP discount, which is available when using our MailOne software with an FP postage meter. That’s because MailOne 2.0 lets you print an Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMPB) on your shipping label.

The greatest savings are for 10-20 pound packages with Zone 4-5 shipping distance. The average CBP ratereduction across all weights and zones is 0.9%, ranging from 2% to as much as 55%.

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